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please don't steal a thing; i have big plans for my work.

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i settle on down
i settle on down my prairie land
in the midst of substandard rock and dirt storms
my flesh is turned up, i turn up

spilling my bowels like oil
upon my legs
the brush -
prying apart curdled toils

the sighs of cattle, rats have bled
i wash them away, i rain down bread

she settles on down
she settles on her newfoundland
the darkness plays on her back - portwine
the stain plays on her heart -

i wash it away, i turn up my head
at the sound of our breaking bread

i settle on down
she settles on down
i am just her spirit, taking the human outta her
as her dress rots away-
i will not rot away

i will not rot away

i wash it away, i turn up my head
as i create this creature
she eats my bread,
she becomes untamed.

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i pray on high




my head explodes into my mouth oh whyyy
sticking the grass into my eyeballs
like gumwork on this bad patch wall sewn
by crass
crashing men who grovel and point fingers
on chapel walls
thoughts that turn to ideas and say
"would you like it that way?"
no one's shaking heads
hands like glue on pope's silk and velvet
i'll be buried in it.
but i'm talking
out my mouth, these bad crass thoughts
the bending of reality
keying on a term that i spit out my mouth
and into the ear of God
Who has come to me, to kneel down and say
My symbol of ghastly, ghostly behavior,
We do not spit or stoop or heel,
We do not point fingers,
We do not lay tracks.

'tis bold to feel this way, but no one
escapes. no one doth tremble.

I will give you but one thing."

while thus my eyes dreamed
my head cleared the glass -

i was free to bad bash bash for we are all raving -
raving all mad!
oh heyyyy. i didn't see you there.
just living life. uh, my three kids had the stomach flu recently and i must have shampooed the carpets many a time. oh, and i fixed my harddrive.
and i've been thinking, for plan D i can become a chemist - that is, if i don't make it as a midwife, or doula, or something. ah i miss school. 
hello hello.


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